Implant dentistry provides Woodland Hills and Calabasas patients with a reliable and durable option for tooth restoration. You may be a good candidate for the treatment if you have one or more missing teeth or if you have teeth that are damaged or diseased.

The dental practice of Dr. Robert M. Solow offers several restorative options, including implant dentistry, to give Woodland Hills and Calabasas patients greater comfort, better oral health, and improved aesthetics. Our patients who choose implants are typically very happy with their outcome as well as the supportive experience they have at every step in the process.

Our Approach to Implant Dentistry

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of a biocompatible material that is placed into the jawbone. Over time, the bone bonds with the implant, creating a stable anchor for one or more replacement teeth. Dr. Solow can attach a single crown, multiple crowns, a dental bridge, or dentures to the implants. The approach can also restore an entire arch of upper or lower teeth.

Dr. Solow works in concert with periodontal and oral surgery specialists in Woodland Hills and Calabasas to provide implant dentistry solutions, including partial and complete restorations.

Partial Restoration with Dental Implants

If one or several of your teeth are missing, damaged, or diseased, Dr. Solow may recommend treatment with implants. Dr. Donna Klauser, a board-certified periodontist, conducts implant dentistry procedures at Dr. Solow’s practice in the Woodland Hills and Calabasas area.

Complete Arch Restoration (All-on-4®)

If most of your teeth are missing or require extraction—or if you are seeking an alternative to dentures—you may be a good candidate for All-on-4. The procedure uses strategically placed dental implants to support a fixed restoration, returning function to your bite and aesthetics to your smile. Dr. Solow coordinates All-on-4 with Dr. Robert Hale, an experienced oral surgeon who conducts both extractions and implant placement.

Why Implant Dentistry?

Implant dentistry offers our Woodland Hills and Calabasas patients a number of advantages over other treatment methods:

  • Over time, your body will lose bone in the area of missing teeth. This can weaken your jawbone and, in some cases, give your face an aged appearance. Implant dentistry preserves bone.
  • With other restorations, you may begin to see a gap between the replacement crown and the gums over time. This is unlikely to happen with implants.
  • To replace a tooth, a permanent bridge restoration option requires filing down the teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth. Dental implants allow you to preserve healthy teeth.
  • Implant dentistry provides you with an extremely durable, stable, and comfortable restoration. You can chew and smile just like you can with your natural teeth.
  • Traditional dentures tend to shift, can affect speech, and may limit what you can eat. Implant supported dentures do not have these restrictions.

In short, implant dentistry can provide you with a restoration that fits comfortably, looks more like your own teeth, and acts more like a natural part of your body.

What to Expect with Implant Dentistry

Start by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Solow’s practice in the Woodland Hills and Calabasas area. Some patients come to us with specific concerns—a missing tooth, for example—while others maintain regular dental visits as part of preventative care. In either case, you’ll experience gentle, personable, and professional treatment.

Dr. Solow will conduct a comprehensive examination and discuss the findings with you. Often, our practice can provide treatments to save damaged or diseased teeth, and we will follow a conservative approach to preserve your teeth whenever possible. When this isn’t an option, Dr. Solow may recommend implant dentistry. The specialists with whom we work, Dr. Klauser and Dr. Hale, will conduct their own examinations and provide further guidance.

Throughout your experience, we encourage you to ask questions and to let us know if there is any additional information we can provide. Dr. Solow prioritizes your safety, your comfort, and the quality of your results. A transparent and low-anxiety approach guide his work. Together, you and he will choose the method of care that works best for your needs.

Learn more about treatment with implant dentistry. Contact us online or by phone at (818) 999-0104 for an appointment in the Woodland Hills and Calabasas area.